I’m not receiving invites




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    After I added only one friend on Swaggable, the comments on products disappeared and I could not add another one.

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    How to get started? I signed up and I figured there would be a survey or something to get familiar with the products I'm interested in Smh

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    Jennifer Yates

    I think I’m on a waiting list because no matter if I’m on my phone or laptop all I have access to is this section or an ad page for Swaggable. Is it just me?

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    Lisa Mack

    What happened to Swaggable? I don't see any products. I can't see my past reviews nor my wants.....

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    Hope Hibbard (Edited )

    I cant see products either

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    Tilcia Furman

    I don't see any products.  All I get are these FAQs ... not even a review community.  I have no clue how to find products and there's no "WANT" button as all the FAQs keep saying to click

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