Why is it free? What’s the catch?




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    Alan A. Kellenberger

    Free product review by the general public, in the comfort of their home on their own time is how a company should reach out to see if a product will be well recieved. Companies wasting time and money with commercials or on the spot test or compare sampling is one sided and almost forces the public to believe it's the right choice.
    I believe if each company sent random samples to anyone with a residential mailing address, and ensuring that the same addresses are not used repeatedly just for ease of tracking, then there would be less junk for sale which means less waste to fill the garbage. I always enjoy receiving something unexpected in the mail, and if an honest review is all they ask in return then I can always provide that and promote the product as well if njoyed.

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    Shellamae B. Samontina

    Can I also try new products, make a review and share it with my friends so they can buy it?

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    I would like to try new products to share it with my social media friends

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    I would like to try new products ,so i can do review and share it with my friends

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    Denise Rodriguez

    Haven't received any emails from y'all in a long time.

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